Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome Chris and Tim!

Thanks for visiting. I hope that you enjoy reading about some of my own personal lessons as it pertains to leadership. My hope is that there may be nuggets of information that may be useful for you in your career as well. For ease and convenience if you want to leave a comment here rather than email me back that's OK. It's up to you. Hope this helps in some way. Thanks


  1. Steve, This is quite an educational blog not just about leadership but "leading a life". Granted I do have a ways to go before I finish the different topics on leadership.By 01/20/2011 I should be through reading and learning from your insights and then summarize with you what ways they will help myself to be a better servant leader. Thank you, Chris Olson

  2. Thanks Chris, good to see you in the store the other day. we'll visit soon.