Sunday, January 24, 2010

Leaders and Followers, can't have one without the other.

I wrote a quote for my title description for my blog that speaks volumes about leadership.
"Some people are leaders, some people are followers. Neither one is anything without the other."Basically a leader is nothing without people who follow. You're definitely not a leader without people behind you! Who are you leading, yourself? That doesn't count... you need a team of people behind you that follow you and support you because they trust you will take them in the right direction.
Have you ever worked for or worked with that leader that that thinks the world revolves around them? They think the only reason things are working out are because they are in charge and they think that everyone is behind them, but what he or she really thinks is... they are not only behind me, they are beneath me. This leader sets himself on a pedestal (probably because no one else will). Some people make the mistake of thinking their title makes them a leader. It doesn't. Their title gives them authority, it gives them responsibility, and it gives them a position, but a leader... oh a leader has followers. The word lead means to be at the front on the line, to lead the way for others, to set the direction or course for others to follow. A leader always has followers. The leader realizes that without followers he or she can not perform the tasks at hand. A leader understands that the success of the team is what's important, because the leaders success only comes from the teams success. A true leader gives the credit of their success to the team members because they know that without them they would have failed in their tasks.
The leader can never look at themselves and think they are the most important member of the team. They must always look at themselves as the servant to the team, the motivator, the encourager, the mentor, the supervisor of events, but the most important... Never! The leader must always remember that on their own they can do nothing. When a leader realizes these things they respect the team members and will do all they can to develop and teach the team. Followers want good leaders. If the leader is not respectful, and doesn't develop or trust the team members judgement... then the team members will find another leader to follow. People will refuse to follow bad leaders.
You may say, "Steve, you act like this is some kind of revolutionary information your sharing with us. This is all just common sense stuff." I say, "it may be, but you still don't see it very often." Leaders have a bad habit of getting the big head and I think the extra pressure on their brain from all that swelling, well, it's makes them not so smart. This big head syndrome tends to affect evel headed common sense thinking. So I thought I'd bring us all back down to earth for a minute and remind us all as leaders just in case we may have forgotten...
"Some people are leaders, and some people are followers. Neither one is anything without the other."written by Steve Phillips

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  1. My thoughts: Leaders help followers to develop as a person but at the same time learn from those they lead in order to build a stronger team. By listening attentively in a caring manner to your team when they have questions and respecting their thoughts they will have a greater appreciation for you even in those times where those questions may seem irrelevant to the task at hand. Steve you mentioned being a servant: by serving the right example, attitude, motivation, and communication these associates can serve our business to the best of their ability knowing that their leader is there for them anytime.